Statistical Office for the Social Sciences

Our services

Our Services include:

  1. Conducting Surveys
  2. Marketing Researches for
    • financial services (such as Banks)
    • household products and electronic appliances
    • Telecom and IT
    • Retail sales and distribution
    • Clothing and shoes
    • construction materials
    • automobiles and car parts
    • Industry and others
  3. Feasibility Studies.
  4. Solving statistical, economic, social, medical, and political problems.
  5. Creating Databases.


Our Research Methodologies include

A. Qualitative Research:

  • Participant Observation;
  • Focus Groups;
  • In-depth interviews;
  • Case Studies;

B. Quantitative Researches:

  • Paper and pencil interviewing (PAPI);
  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI);
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI);
  • Computer Assisted Self Interviewing (CASI);
  • Mobile Data Collection (MDC);
  • Omnibus surveys;
  • Mystery shopping;
  • Transactional Surveys: A system that allows Companies to capture, channel, escalate, track and measure issues related to dissatisfied customers until final resolution.


Our Representatives include

The head office is situated in Erbil with representatives in the following cities:

  • Baghdad;
  • Mosul;
  • Basrah;
  • Babil;
  • Suleimaniyah;
  • Duhok;
  • Karbala;
  • Najaf;
  • Karkuk;
  • and some other cities;

SOSS has strong relationships with the following Arabian countries and can conduct Market Research Surveys in these locations:

  • Morocco;
  • Egypt;
  • Tunisia;
  • Palestine;
  • Jordan;
  • Lebanon;

Executed Feasibility Studies by SOSS company


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