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The Statistical Office for the Social Sciences (SOSS) is a unique local company in Iraq especially Kurdistan Region with the aim of solving market research problems, socio-economic impact analysis, data collection (surveys), preparing project feasibility studies, and creating databases. A group of academic experts, with MSc and PhD degrees in Statistics, Economics, and Programming, established the company in 2010. SOSS was established to fill a service-provision need in the “new Iraq” that was previously non-existent. Therefore, SOSS is committed to building the new developed country via the provision of international-standard statistical and market research services.

SOSS`s main objective is to provide accurate and reliable information for economic, commercial, social, political, and financial purposes in Iraq. Essentially our purpose is to raise the competitiveness of companies by helping them meet consumer demand as much as possible. This is only possible through the development and improvement of research technologies, together with client interaction and our commitment to provide them with quality services.

Seven years ago the number of companies in Iraq (local and international) were few and limited – whereas now that number is ten-fold. Iraq is a globally huge market because it has a wealth of natural resources, such as oil and gas, which are vital revenue streams. Therefore, local and international companies require relevant and current information about Iraq to improve their businesses in the competitive market.

During 2011, SOSS covered most Iraqi provinces and established effective teams in each of them. SOSS now has more than 80 interviewers in 15 teams ALL OVER IRAQ. Each staff member has the minimum requirement of a diploma degree, with expertise in the following software programs for data analysis and data entry: Mobile Data Collection (MDC), SPSS, SPSS Data Entry, CSPro, STATGRAPHICS, S-PLUS, XLSTAT, and MATLAB.

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